Coming Summer/Fall 2018
Shortlisted for the MACK Books First Book Award 2018

American Origami presents an unusual and moving reflection on the complexity of a seemingly endless cycle of gun violence in America—a timely publication that is visually striking, poetic, and painful.” - Shane Lavalette, Director Light Work Foundation

"We count, as if in counting we could measure the depravity or our sorrow—as if in counting we could measure things we know are immeasurable.

But outside the event, what is there? Is there evidence to show? Has the world changed?

Gonzalez’s photographs present typologies of blind alleys, rabbit holes, and dead ends—mysteries in the guise of landscapes, newspaper clippings, forensic evidence, diary entries, condolences, portraits, and scars. You can’t get from here to there with these photographs. There is only here. Here leaves us in a bind. Here leads us further away, further from answers. For here, there are no answers....

All images evoke recognizable forms. Abstracted and silent, they manifest what hollow words cannot. Inevitably we break that silence—a salve to stave off savagery. Though salve does little to stanch still-bleeding wounds. And words leave leaden silences in their wake. Images fill that silence. They arise like totems (to operate again as salve). They retrace the outlines of trauma to which we’ve become inured. A thousand origami cranes fill the void.” - excerpt from forthcoming essay in the July Issue of Contact Sheet by Ken Schles